General Laboratory Homogenizer

Fansadco general laboratory homogenizer is precision designed to make dispersions and emulsions quickly and efficiently, this type of homogenizer works through the rotation of a rotor inside a stator.
The combination of centrifugal force and exit through tiny slots allows the materials to be mechanically sheared into very small particles.
This powerful homogenizer was specifically designed to mix a wide volume range of samples from 250 ml to 5 L.

labmix min

Technical Parameters

Motor power710watt
Base MaterialStainless steel 316
Homogenizer speed rangeStainless steel 304
Head length12000-28000Rpm
Head Diameter195CM
Maximum dimensions of the test container29×30×70CM


  • Powerful 710 watt motor
  • Variable speed from 12,000 to 28,000 rpm
  • Height adjustable stainless steel stand


  • It is most often utilized in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries to create suspensions, emulsions and other products.
labmix min