Laboratory High-Pressure Homogenizer

Fansadco laboratory high-pressure homogenizer is a mechanical processer where raw materials are put under high pressure and reach particle sizes in a sub-micron range.
While high-shear homogenizers reduce particle size to 5 μm on average, Fansadco high-pressure homogenizers have applications where particles have been reduced to 0.5 μm (500 nm)
The use of a two-stage valve assembly will improve the stability of most emulsions. For processing dispersions, a single-stage valve assembly is usually preferred.

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Technical Parameters

Maximum pressure (Bar)700
Working pressure (Bar)500
Flow Rate (L/hr)20
Weight (kg)150
Power (kw)2.2


Powered by a standard 2.2 KW single-phase electrical outlet.
No need for compressed air or hydraulic cooling water.
Repeatable process with results that are guaranteed to scale-up
Stable work under high pressure
Digital pressure displaying, with maximum working pressure of 700 bar
All the part contacting the materials are of 316 L.

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This equipment can be used widely in research, technical development and pilot production of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and environmental industries. Improved processing efficiency for multiple applications such as:

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