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  • دستگاه پرکن نیمه اتوماتیک

    Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

    Semi-Automatic Filling Machine Fansadco semi-automatic filling machine is a gear pump made of food grade plastic and stainless steel components combined with the dosing electronics. It’s specialized for filling the viscous and semi viscous liquids. The gear pump can be disassembled and cleaned easily and quickly.The durable foot pedal allows hands-free operation and decreases the…

  • دستگاه دوخت تیوپ دستی

    Semi-Automatic Tube Sealing

    Semi-Automatic Tube Sealing Fansadco semi-automatic tube sealing machine is a laminated/plastic hot jaw tube sealing which is pneumatically operated and specialized for lab scale and small scale production.There are 2 main stations,1. Sealing station: heated jaws are used to apply heat and pressure to weld the sealing area.2. Trimming station: embossing jaws and cutter are…