Single Pot Granulator

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Single Pot Granulator

Fansadco Single pot granulator is worked on the basis of wet granulation process and specialized for preparing granules for tablet pressing feed application. This is the first choice in the case that needs rapid granulation and high granulated density.

In the first step, powder is charged into a jacketed stainless steel vessel and vigorously mixed by an agitator and a chopper. At the same time it’s wetted or sprayed with a binder solution. Finally an indirect heating system (heated wall and dry gas stripping) leads to drying. The vessel temperature is controlled automatically through the double-walled insulating jacket

Desktop Tablet Press Machine

اجزا گرانول ساز داروئی

Advantages and features

One device with four functions (powder mixer, dryer, mill/grinder)
Working vessel in three-walled jacketed design
Minimal waste of material, especially for expensive ingredients and additives
Quick and efficient drying
Excellent tableting properties of final granulated product
low space requirement
simple to operate
easy to clean
Product hygiene, Because of performing all the steps in the single pot


• Vacuum generation in the working vessel in order to reduce the evaporation temperature, for heat-sensitive pharmaceutical powders
• Possibility of manufacturing the machine from laboratory to industrial dimension

شماتیک گرانول ساز داروئی


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