Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

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Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

Fansadco vacuum mixer homogenizer is the best choice for the production of dispersed and homogenized food and cosmetic products.
An inline mixer homogenizer mounted at the center of vessel bottom with rotor/stator structure. The scraper agitator prevents the product mass binding to the interior wall of the vessel.

میکسر کرم سازی2

Technical Parameters

Production Capacity (Lit)
Internal Mixer Power (KW)Internal Mixer Rate (Rpm)Homogenizer Power (Kw)Side tank stirrer power (KW)Water phase tank capacity (Lit)Oil phase tank capacity (Lit)

More about Fansadco vacuum mixer homogenizer

Both liquid and powdery ingredients can be fed directly into the homogenizer through the vacuum. Your product will be heated indirectly via the insolated double jacket.
The vacuum mixer homogenizer is equipped with a vessel lid tilting device. This enables the lid with scraper to open and close.
The conical form of the vessel bottom enables complete discharge even for highly viscous products.

میکسر هموژنایزر تحت خلاء مدل مستر

Features and Advantages

• suction of different phase directly into the vessel
• uniform quality of the vessel contents due to combination of external circulation and internal agitation
• complete discharging of the vessel via the inline homogenizer mixer at the end of the process
• fast CIP processes with homogenizer (no additional pump is required)
• perfect deaeration of the product
• Stainless steel lid with transparent sight glass for improved visual control
• automatic tilt able lid


Cosmetics: creams, lotions, toothpaste, hair color, hair gel, mascara, etc.
Drugs: Ointment, syrup, Ampoule
Food: mayonnaise, ketchup, baby food, confectionary fill cream, etc.


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