Semi-automatic Tube Sealing

Fansadco semi-automatic tube sealing machine is a laminated/plastic hot jaw tube sealing which is pneumatically operated and specialized for lab scale and small scale production.
There are 2 main stations,
1. Sealing station: heated jaws are used to apply heat and pressure to weld the sealing area.
2.  Trimming station: embossing jaws and cutter are used to obtain a well finished sealing result.
Semi-automatic tube sealing
Semi-automatic tube sealing


Only contacted areas are heated. The physical and chemical characteristics of filled product don’t change.
The foot pedal allows fast and easy operation
Sealing station height adjustable as per the height of the tube.
The pressure and temperature can be monitored and adjusted

Electrical Specifications

220V, Single Phase Input.
Output: 10-15 tubes per minute. (Output varies as per the speed of the operator working.)
Tube sealing
Semi-automatic tube sealing