20 tones Tablet Press Machine

Fansadco 20 tons Tablet Press Machine applies up to 200 KN of compressive force and offers 50 mm maximum tablet diameter.
It's an automatic single station machine, which can press large-size tablets such as effervescent tablets, calcium tablets, dishwashing tablets, salt tablets and etc.
The versatile design perfectly suits the requirement of every moderate production capacity and laboratories users.
20 tones Tablet Press Machine
20 tones Tablet Press
Machine Specification Table
Compressive force 20 ton

Maximum tablet diameter

50 mm

Motor power

2.2 KW

Production capacity

1500 tablets/hr


200 Kg


180X70X70 cm


very easy to operate
multiple novelty in its design
safety and efficiency during the production process
adjustable tablet thickness
applicable to manufacturing tablet of abnormal shape
GMP compliant machine
Fully lubricating of different parts and reducing the wear.


Production of tablets up to 50 mm Diameter
Salt tablets, naphthalene tablets, effervescent tablets, etc.
Production of herbal and nutrition tablets with higher capacity in the form of multi-dies
قالب پرس قرص 20تن