Desktop Tablet Press Machine

The Fansadco desktop tablet press is an exceptionally versatile, single punch tablet press that allows the user to press laboratory scales of under study tablets for research purposes or to scale up production to more than 3600 tablets per hour.
This machine can convert all kinds of granular materials into tablets of uniform size, shape and weight containing approximately the same quantity of active pharmaceutical.
The device applies a maximum force of 80 KN on the tablet.
It is not suited to wet materials or superfine powders.
Desktop Tablet Press Machine
8 ton Tablet Press Machine
Machine Specification Table
Pressure force

8 ton

Maximum tablet diameter

18 mm

Motor power

2.2 KW

Production capacity

3600 tablets/hr


165 Kg


70X30X40 cm

Desktop Tablet Press Machine


Small, light, durable, and low noise machine
Suited for all kinds of powders and granules
Wide raw material compatibility
Adjustable tablet weight, thickness and hardness
Stamp designs on tablet (optional)
Fast and reliable
Easily changed metal dies
very simple to use
GMP compliant machine
Tablet press
very easy to operate